Multistar L3

2021-05-26, 11:52

“We use every bit of the tree,” is the motto of A. W. Jenkinson Forest Products. Together with its associated partners, the wood fibre company processes more than 3.5 million tonnes of roundwood, chips, sawdust, bark and green compost. As a result, virgin wood from forestry and sawmills, as well as waste wood from the construction and demolition industry, finds its way to a range of end users. With its fleet of more than 700 vehicles, A.W. Jenkinson Transport meets the logistics requirements of the wider A.W. Jenkinson Group by hauling materials from all over the UK to one of the processing sites located throughout the country.


In order to improve the screening of wood fibre in all seasons, the company decided to purchase a Komptech Multistar L3 screener. Group Plant Manager Richard Errington explains: “The Multistar revolutionises the last phase in biomass processing by efficiently separating the material into three usable size fractions in a single pass through the Komptech.

“With an annual throughput on each site of up to 150,000 tonnes, ensuring high availability is very important, even with hard-to-screen biomass,” adds Errington.

The worldwide reputation of Komptech’s star screens was one of the important factors that prompted the company to invest in the new machine. Errington says: “With the Multistar L3 we have made a definite improvement in the work process.”


Komptech star screens are among the highest-performing separators for all types of wood fibre because they reliably maintain the set grain size regardless of how wet the material is. This is thanks in part to the patented cleaning system, which uses cleaning fingers to keep the screen gaps unobstructed during operation.

In addition, the Multistar L3 has a number of other innovative features its predecessor models did not, such as a design that makes the maintenance process considerably simpler. The screen decks are built as cassettes, and allow fast, flexible grain size changes. Thanks to the modular design, the underbody, feed dosing container and wind sifter can be individually adapted to customer needs.


As well as Komptech’s machine quality, it was the quality of service provided by its distributor John Hanlon & Co. Ltd that sealed the deal for the Multistar L3. Richard Errington adds: “Hanlon’s sales rep Simon Burrow knows our Clifton Moor site, where we operate a fixed screening system. He therefore recommended a mobile screening version that would meet our needs. In addition, if repairs are needed the nearest Hanlon depot is just 40 minutes away.”

The Multistar adds to the portfolio of Komptech machinery already in the A.W. Jenkinson fleet, including compost turners, chippers, shredders and drum screens.

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