NEW PROCESSING PLANT for The Woodhorn Group.

Multistar 2-SE

2020-10-29, 14:10


In 1882, farmers from the West of England set off eastwards together with their cows, sheep and horses. Due to the agricultural recession caused by cheap products, farmers were needed in rural areas. That was the birth of the The Woodhorn Group.

This, even now, remains a (fourth-generation) family-managed company. The Woodhorn Group‘s scope of business, organic farms, has expanded since the company‘s foundation: Recycling centers located at Tangmere, Runcton and Hayling Island are operated by the company, processing local garden, wood and vegetable waste. The products, such as 100 % peat-free garden soils, soil conditioners, bark mulch, green-roof substrates and composts, are then marketed under the “Earth Cycle“ brand. Here at Earth Cycle, our view is that gardening and horticulture should focus not only on results that look great, but also on doing something good for the environment,“ is The Woodhorn Group‘s corporate philosophy.

52 000 t/a of green waste is processed by the recycling plant in Tangmere. Despite continuous optimization of the production process, the technological limits of the facility had been reached – and customers‘ expectations in terms of quality and the composition of the composts and soils had also changed with time. The serviceability of a number of system components also appeared to have reached its end. So new investments were vital.

The stationary star screen Multistar 2-SE should be the core element of the completely new preparation line. The advantages of a star screen were to be found in its high capacity and high selectivity, signifying that even future increases in production volumes would cause no problems. One of the two Maxx-type screening drums was also to continue in use. The air classifier and the entire feed system, on the other hand, were to be reconceived and redesigned. Visits were made to a number of Komptech reference installations in various countries. At the end of this long road, the Woodhorn team had gained a precise vision of its future plant, which it then put into practice together with Komptech‘s marketing associates in the UK, Hanlon-Komptech Great Britain.

The new preparation line started operation in August 2018 with a license for 75 000 t/a. The fractions are screened with a much greater selectivity, and for this reason we have much less reject material in the oversize fraction. We are expecting to get 10 % more usable material from the same quantity of feed. The new system‘s energy consumption is significantly lower, too. The Woodhorn Group already has plans for the future: “We aim, with this new system, to expand our market segment in the 0 to 10 mm range, which will enable us to penetrate the premium market in the horticultural sector much more effectively.”

“We were certainly a challenging customer! Komptech was a contact partner at all times. They visited us here several times, made sure that the system was optimally adjusted, and that it produces the desired results,” tells The Woodhorn Group satisfied.

    Multistar 2-SE, Woodhorn Group

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