2019-07-20, 16:49

With the Topturn X5000, a machine with the ideal combination of performance and design features is now available.

The Topturn X5000 is a self-propelled windrow turner that is ideal for the medium to high-volume category. While the Topturn X4500 has proven itself as a starter machine for smaller compost facilities, the wider Topturn X5000 is perfect for the five metre wide by two metre tall windrows used at many larger facilities. If all of its performance potential is used to the full, it can turn up to 4000 cubic metres of compost in an hour.

Focus on customer needs
One focus of the development work was to invest in an even better and therefore more individual overall design, to better meet the customer requirements. This can be seen not just from the contemporary styling, but also in many details for even more practical utility. The five metre machine comes in two power versions: a powerful 250 kW version, or a 205 kW engine at an even better price. Both engines meet current exhaust requirements. Generously dimensioned cooling systems keep them running smoothly under all conditions.

Fast and simple maintenance
The lift and right body panels turn into roomy maintenance platforms just by the press of a button so that the operator can reach all maintenance points safely and easily. Special access panels in the tunnel and drum bearings accessible from the outside underline the exceptional maintenance friendliness of the new Topturn X series. Wear costs have also been considered: The high-strength steel turning blades be turned 180 degrees when they get worn, for a whole new use cycle before needing to be replaced.

Proven technology and new ideas
The large 1.2 m diameter drum delivers high throughput for the thorough windrow mixing that is so important in composting. The combination of solid frame, tough chassis and sturdy clearing blades ensures efficient turning. If wheel or tracked version is the better choice will depend on conditions at the site. The cabin itself is a comfortable workspace, with more room, powerful air conditioner and air cushioned seat.

With its combination of proven solutions and new details, the new Topturn X series is a further refinement of Komptech’s compost turners. The goal is always to deliver innovative technology with maximum user benefit, and this is one more example.

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